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We are pleased to announce that the project “OPEN ACADEMIC TEXTBOOKS - KALLIPOS+” has been approved for funding and is included in the Public Investments Program 2019,
by the decision of the Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Development that has been published on the Transparency Portal [click here to see the ministerial decision (in Greek)].

The project aims to further enrich the “KALLIPOS” Repository with new open scientific content [eight hundred and fifty (850) new textbooks/titles in Greek].
The central coordination and project management will be undertaken by the Special Account for Research Grants of the National Technical University of Athens (as the Implementing Body)
in collaboration with the Branch of the Hellenic Academic Libraries-Link at NTUA (HEAL-Link’s General Assembly decision on 08/06/2018), whereas HEAL-Link (the Operating body)
remains the holder of the rights as regards the new scientific content that will be produced.

The following table summarizes an indicative financial allocation, by textbook type, including the following data:

- Quantity of books expected to be delivered under the project.

- The average cost for authoring a textbook (including peer review, technical and language editing).

- Average total price per textbook (including overhead for review evaluation, fine-tuning processes, deposit in the repository
and general project management).

Textbook types Quantity Authorship Evaluation,
Processing/ Management
(25% of the total)
Average price per textbook (including 25% processing fees) Estimated total cost per textbook type
Α. New textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate courses 450 9.600 3.200 12.800 5.760.000


(New textbooks)

350 7.500 2.500 10.000 3.500.000

Bibliographic guides

(New textbooks)

50 6.000 2.000 8.000 400.000
  Totals 850       9.660.000

 (The above figures are indicative; therefore, some adjustments might be necessary during the implementation of the project).

The continuation of the “KALLIPOS” project through the funding of “KALLIPOS+” solely from governmental resources, as a national infrastructure
that will be permanently offered,

a. demonstrates the Greek state’s financial contribution to the Universities in order to fulfill their institutional mission, which, among others, is
to develop shared, open resources in education, research, ...” (Article 4g, Law No. 4485/2017),

b. responds to the demand for “universal provision of high quality, enhanced value, free and open educational material”.

As during the first stage of the “KALLIPOS” project, for the successful implementation of which we warmly thank all of the participants and supporters,
we hope that -following the same quality assurance procedures- we will collaborate with all the stakeholders in order to successfully implement, once again, the project “KALLIPOS +”.

Note: You will be notified by a new announcement about the calls for proposals (time, submissions' criteria, etc.).

On behalf of HEAL-Link NTUA-Branch

Dear colleagues/participants in the workshop “Open Educational Resources and Lifelong Learning: opportunities and challenges for Higher Education Institutions and Libraries
(15/3/2019, SNFCC), we sincerely thank you for your active involvement (live and online) in the event.

We inform you that all presentations have been uploaded on the event's website (, as well as the audiovisual material, annotated with time slots for each presentation
(there is a link from the title to the abstract page and, from there, to the 'live' material). The conclusions, in brief (and in Greek), are found here.

We hope that we sent valuable messages to all those who have the will and the power to contribute to the aims of Open Education and Open Science for benefiting us all.

We hope to meet and collaborate again soon at similar events.

HEAL-Link NTUA Branch participates in the Open Education Week 2019, through a workshop entitled “Open Educational Resources and Lifelong Learning: opportunities and challenges for Higher Education Institutions and Libraries”. The workshop is held at the initiative of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link – NTUA Branch, in cooperation with the National Library of Greece, the Hellenic Open University and the University of West Attica (Department of Archival, Library and Information Studies). The workshop will take place on Friday, March 15, 2019, 09:00 to 17:00, at the National Library of Greece (Book Tower), at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

The Open Education Week (OEW), organized by the Open Education Consortium, offers its participants the opportunity to present and promote Open Education resources and events organized by all the relevant stakeholders (faculty, researchers, students, librarians, educational policy makers etc.), who can take advantage of this global event in order to share their experience about openness. In general terms, the goal of OEW is to raise awareness and showcase the impact of Open Education on teaching and learning worldwide.

To find information about the Open Education, the Open Education Week and about how to contribute/participate, see here
The promo materials for the Open Education Week (March 4-8, 2019) is found here

An article entitled "Academic libraries: timeless values and contemporary challenges - In the era of Οpen Αccess" has been published in the bilingual magazine that provides art & culture through cooperations with museums, libraries, universities, galleries, and other greek educational/cultural institutions.
This invited article has been written by Nikolaos Mitrou (NTUA Professor, Scientific Coordinator of the "Kallipos" project). Co-author and editor (of the greek content) is Stamatina K. Koutsileou (Philologist, HEAL-Link, NTUA).
To view the article in its digital format, click here

HEAL-Link NTUA has participated in the 24th Panhellenic Academic Libraries Conference (“ Sm@rt Libraries: A Digital World of Infinite Opportunities”, 1-2 November 2018, at Tei of Thessaly, Larissa) through a paper entitled "Best Practices for collaboration between Academic Libraries and the Universities so as to advocate and promote Open Educational Resources (OER)”. The paper is relevant to the Conference topics Open Access, Open Data, Open Science and Collaborative Function Models, and was presented by Christina Anastasopoulou, a librarian at the NTUA-Central Library.

To see the full text of the paper, click here

To view the presentation, click here

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