HEAL-Link NTUA has participated in (the seventh year of celebration of) the Open Education Week (March 5-9, 2018), organized by the Open Education Consortium,  through promoting the Open Educational Resources of the “Hellenic Academic Open E-Textbooks-Kallipos Repository”.

In the daily newspaper “Kathimerini” Greek Edition (ePaper, 11-01-2018), an article was published entitled “Open Knowledge Sources: The time has come...”, written by Nikolaos Mitrou, NTUA Professor and Scientific Coordinator of the Project “Kallipos”. In his article, Professor N. Mitrou points out the weaknesses that characterize the current status under which the sources of knowledge (academic textbooks, articles in scientific journals) are used and published and suggests ways of overcoming the challenges by benefiting from the acquired expertise, the emerging technologies and the prospects offered by openness (Open Access, Open Science, Open Educational Resources). To see the full-text please click here

Nikolaos Mitrou, NTUA Professor and Scientific Coordinator of the Project “Kallipos”, has participated in the 86th Hellenic Universities Rectors’ Synod (15 December 2017, Zappeion, Athens) delivered a speech about the Big Deals and the initiatives that have been recently advanced by the European University Association. In his presentation, he referred to the latest trends regarding the Open Access publishing landscape as well as the Open Science and the Open Educational Resources (with emphasis on the open academic textbooks). To see the text click here

HEAL-Link NTUA has participated in the 23rd Panhellenic Academic Libraries Conference (“Academic Libraries: A roadmap to sustainability”, 15-16 November 2017, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) through a paper entitled “The Open Educational Resources of the digital Repository ‘Kallipos’ of the Hellenic Academic Libraries’ Link; the benefits of their use and the prospects for their sustainable development”. The paper was submitted to the Conference topic “Scalability and sustainability of library services & tools developed during the EU NSRF 2007-2013 program” and presented by Christina Anastasopoulou,  librarian at the NTUA-Central Library. To see the full text of the paper, click here To view the presentation, click here

We would like to inform you that the presentations of the Scientific Conference entitled "Open Access Scientific Electronic Textbooks in the service of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning" of HEAL-Link's Kallipos project that took place on November 27th, 2015 at Divani Caravel Hotel are now available through our website.

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